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The XT is the heavy duty and extremely powerful version of the BM60400 while still retaining a lightweight character.

This hand machine is extremely suitable for finishing prefab constructions such as walls, floors, stairs or others in all circumstances.

During the development of this machine, we focused on performance and durability. The machine is equipped with a stainless steel motor that delivers up to 1200W. Thanks to a smart yet lightweight construction, all critical components are well protected. The handlebar has a double tube configuration and a sturdy grip, which increases regidity and gives the operator maximum control.  An additional handle improves maneuverability when moving the machine from one job to another.The machine is powered by compressed air. The Mannesmann motor delivers extreem high power and torque in a lightweight package. The machine is connected to the central compressed air network by means of a flexible hose. The handle – valve allows the operator to operate and control the machine with utmost precision and ease.

The machine has an aluminum adapter flange. You can mount all kinds of polyethylene or steel discs on this flange. The discs have a diameter of 450mm to 700mm. There is even an option to mount trowel blades.

As mentioned, you can choose between PE discs and steel discs. While PE discs last longer, using steel discs that wear faster makes the end result more attractive.

Each machine comes with a free steel disc. Discs are available in 450mm, 520mm, 600mm, 650mm and 700mm sizes.

Depending on the width of the work table, you can choose a long handle (working distance up to 250cm) or a short handle (working distance up to 120cm).

Airmachine prefab concrete walls plates luchtmachine


Airmachine prefab concrete walls plates luchtmachine
Airmachine prefab concrete walls plates luchtmachine
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