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The BM601 is our smallest edger in the B-mac line-up, with a net working reach of 60cm. The difference in diameter between the standing ring and the rotating cross is extremely small, allowing the operator to work within 2mm of the edge.

The GX160 Honda engine delivers no less than 5,5 Hp and in combination with the custom and maintenance free B-mac V61 gearbox, this machine brings unparralleled torque and stability to the floor. Every B-mac edger is equiped with the strongest cross assemblies in the industry. The cross is made of nodular casted iron and the arms are made of high strength Hexagon 24mm steel. The arms cover the blades 100%, preventing blade flex and providing a super flat finish. There is no cross like a B-mac cross. The freely rotating ring has a Poly Urethean protective belt. This belt leaves no marks on walls or other obstacles.
The BM601 can be supplied with a 4-arm-cross or with a 6-arm-cross. In both configurations the machine comes standard with a float pan. The lifting hook, with double function, is also supplied as standard with the machine.
The BM601 is equipped with a folding handlebar and additional handgrip in the front.


Moskito edger power trowel enkele vlinder vlindermachine poliermachine
Moskito edger power trowel enkele vlinder vlindermachine poliermachine
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