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Welcome to the B-Mac website!

B-Mac is an international supplier of high-end floor finishing machines. Regardless of which type you need, our expert team can guarantee you top quality in design, production and service. Choosing a B-Mac machine means choosing reliability at a very reasonable price. The basis for B-Mac's present reputation dates from 1992, when the company was founded by Will Rijkers. Enthusiasm, vision and the nerve to invest in professionalism made B-Mac a company that soon built up an excellent European reputation. An effective Distributing Dealer Network has ensured that the company has also made great strides on other continents.


B-Mac produces floor finishing machines that are made-to-measure to suit your requirements. We will be only too happy to discuss which machine is the most suitable for the work you need it for. Do you want four, five or six spokes? A different type of drive? A catalytic converter? Petrol, diesel or electric? Depending on the type of machine you want, almost anything is possible.

In short, we can produce a customised machine to take full account of the work you need it for and of your own requirements.