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Edger machine and trowel in one

This multifonctional machine kan be used as an edger machine as well as a trowel. Thanks to 2 turning wheels on the frame, he can work upto 4 mm off the wall or colomn.

The BM 85 can be used with or without a disc. Thanks to the folding handlebar, he is easy to transport. The machine is optional available with a lifting hook for more ease in transport.

The machine is very useful as an edger machine. His limited size and weight make him easy to use in small areas (offices,etc) as a trowel. The machine fits trough any door. When equipped with a disc, the machine can be used for screed (sandcement) as well as to digest quartz.

SpecificatiesBM 85
Engine Robin EX17 6HP
Power 6 HP, 4,5 KW / 3600 rpm
Workrange 85 cm
Arms/spider 4 arms
Weight 65 kg (excl. lifting hook)
Reduction 01:27
Fuel Gasoline unleaded
Clutch Centrifugal
Drive V-belt
Total height 720 mm (excl. lifting hook)
Handlebar Folding
Options Lifting hook