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Lightweight hunk with high performance

The steel disc, attached to a plastic disc for stability, makes the BM 75 CB extremely suited for screedfloors.  This machine is also often used to force quartz. The strong 6HP-engine can manage all kinds of surface. Working width is between 60 and 75 cm.

To ease up transport, the machine is equipped with a user-friendly folding handlebar. For more comfort during transport, a lifting hook is optional. Due to his low weight, the BM 75 CB is easy to handle by one person only. The BM 75 CE is delivered with a single-phase electro-engine (220Volt). This is the best alternative to use in areas where a combustion engine is not allowed.

SpecificatiesBM 75 CBBM 75 CE
Engine Robin EX17 Electro
Power 6 HP, 4,5 KW / 3600 rpm 1,1 KW 220 Volt
Workrange 75 cm 60 cm
Arms/spider Disc 75 cm Disc 60 cm
Weight 50 kg (excl. lifting hook) 50 kg (excl. lifting hook)
RPM 80 - 120 RPM 110 RPM
Reduction 01:25 01:25
Fuel gasoline unleaded 1,1 KW
Clutch centrifugal centrifugal
drive V-belt V-riem
Total height 680 mm (excl. lifting hook) 680 mm (excl. lifting hook)
Handlebar folding folding
Options lifting hook lifting hook